low power ∙ portable ∙ homebrew

an informal amateur radio community based in Portland, Oregon
and focused on QRP in all its forms

announces the second annual

Pacific Northwest Not-Quite-Fourteener

(aka the PNW-NQF)

August 6th and 7th, 2022

PNW SOTA ops in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon will join the Socal and Colorado SOTA communities for another weekend of summit-to-summit QSOs.  To add to the fun, we are encouraging other associations to run S2S events this week, too.

Here are two ways you can join the party. If you are an activator:

1. Pick a hill in W7O, W7W, W7I, or W7M.
2. Send an email with your call sign, summit, and start time to info at qrpdx dot org.
3. Post an alert on SOTAWatch, with a start time between 9AM and 12PM local.
3. Be on the air on 146.58MHz at 10AM local to make local S2S contacts.
4. Move to the HF bands and make as many S2S contacts as you can!

If you are a chaser:
1. Check SOTAWatch alerts to see who is out.
2. Make contacts on 146.58MHz outside of the primary 1000AM to 1200PM S2S window.
3. Get on HF and make as many local, SoCal and CO contacts as you can.

We will send a list of ops out to everyone that submits info via email.  If you'd like to help with the event, send an email to
info at qrpdx dot org.

More information may be posted over on the qrpdx@groups.io reflector.

This website is maintained by K7WXW. Find him, and more on our community,
on the qrpdx@groups.io reflector.

for more info: